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    I put this here in the forum because it may affect other games as well and its a definately a weird thing happening. May some of you test this with other games as well.

    The situation:

    – Titan Quest (Anniversary Edition) DX9
    – Playing the Earth Skills, using the exploding Fire ball
    – It takes less then 1 second to fly across the screen on a normal monitor
    – with vorpx it takes almost 3 seconds for exactly the same distance
    – characters are moving normally
    – 90/90 FPS
    – no studder,no framedrops
    – no matter what resolution
    – no matter what settings, G3D, Z3D or without a profile
    – no matter what screen (immersive was used)
    – Windows7, Steam VR 1.9x
    – VorpX 20.1.1

    The game becomes quite difficult to play up to unplayable in difficult situations in this mode because the monsters always run away before the fireball can hit them. I am afraid this could affect other games as well.
    (You would probably only notice this when comparing directly beetween Monitor and VorpX gameplay.)

    I have absolutely no explanation for this.

    any ideas ?


    Some games may not work well with framerates >60fps, sounds like such a case. Forcing FluidSync on might help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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