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    I has attempting today to launch vorpx that was already activated before, and it asks for a new activation code !
    sent the new mail , but again , what is this ?


    That can happen in case of changes to your system. Simply send the new request code that is shown in such a case and you will receive a new key.


    So if you want to reinstall… it will take 48 hours. Not the best of design choices.


    If you use the e-mail address for requesting a new key that you used when you originally activated vorpX, it actually takes a few minutes in most cases.


    I just ran into this issue, and used my original registration email to reply with the new request code. I was answered with a new code in less than 2 minutes.


    I did all you said , but there is NO response at all, and it takes more than 48 hours…
    I think i will deinstall and forget about it.
    I feel being scammed …


    As far as I can tell you received several keys and entirely free updates for six years since 2016. That can hardly be called a scam, wouldn’t you agree?

    Something is wrong on your end. We did not receive any of the mails you apparently sent and apparently you also didn’t receive the mail I sent you after your last forum post. Not much else I can do.

    If possible, please let me know an alternative e-mail address, just NOT from your current mail provider, in case that’s where the problem lies.


    I had sent you 5 mails since the 31/12/2022, all of them have been sent correctly, if not i had received an error message from my mail provider.
    Two the 31/12
    One the 02/01
    One the 03/01
    And one the 06/01.

    The problem is on your side i think.
    Something make me think that your automatic system thinks i had not bought it, since the code is different than the first.
    Please verify.
    And YES i received the last mail you sent to me, but the key don’t work as the request code isn’t the same and i told you that before but you sent me the old one .


    Like said above, none of your mails arrived here, and as far as I’m aware you are the only one with this problem. Maybe orange.fr filters out mails sent to vorpx.com, may you had a typo in the mail address, or whatever. Certainly nothing wrong here.

    Also before you get rude next time next time maybe try to consider that providing free updates for six years is rather unusual customer service. Thanks.

    Anyway, for your convenience from the pinned FAQ post above, read carefully:

    My activation key cannot be verified.

    Please double check whether the request code in the license dialog is the same as in the key e-mail. If not, send us your new request code. Also please make sure to enter the data in the name field correctly. It has to look exactly like in the key e-mail. Use copy and paste to avoid typos. The key e-mail has an example image attached that illustrates how it’s supposed to look.


    In case you are still having a problem. the web setup program downloads and installs the latest vorpX program. When you start the program and click apply, you get a popup that asks you to register, when you click on that it starts up the Microsoft email program and puts the number in the email. You then have to add your name and email. In my case, I also added when I bought the program and the old numbers from the original email I received. I got an email with a new key very quickly.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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