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    I’m curious about what control scheme everyone is using to play their VR injected games, namely FPS games. Do you use a gamepad? Or the Hydra? Or just plain mouse/keyboard? I’m a relatively new owner of the Oculus Rift, and this is the first VR injector type software I’ve used, so I’m curious as what other people are using so I can get the best possible experience.


    I set up keybaord and mouse pretty well with black op 2, Ghosts, and BF4. Ive played alot of VR Team Fortress 2 so Ive made the settings similar to the standard VR control mode for Team Fortress 2. Its great, with VorpX you can aim with the mouse and the headset, like TF2. The only thing is with the VorpX games the mouse and headset do not aim independent like TF2. But with the right VorpX settings I don’t really notice or care that much (even though id LOOOOVE independent tracking). Black Ops 2 and VorpX is awesome!

    I’m just trying now to setup good xbox 360 gamepad settings with the FPS’s with no luck. If I move the right (aim) joystick on the gamapad, it works, but as soon as you move the rift (aim) the right gamepad joystick ceases to work. WIth the mouse (aim) setup you can use the mouse and headset (aim) at the same time to create awesome game control (like VR Team Fortress 2) so hopefully I can find something on the forums for insight on how to get the joystick aim + headset aim working at the same time. I hope! Although I think when I was browsing the forums previously it was said this aint possible :(

    If anyone knows, please reply! VorpX Rocks!


    Duh, just switch “Handle Gamepads Internally” to “ON” in the in Game VorpX settings by pressing ‘Del’ in game.

    am confident ill get a decent setting to use both looks (headtracking aim / joytick aim) at the same time.


    I use keyboard and mouse. I’ve moved the snap view key to one of my side mouse buttons. Getting the right mouse/rift/game sensitivity settings doesnt take me very long at all, and fov 100-110 seems to work great for everything. So far with vorpx I’ve played f1 2012(logitech d-force pro), far cry 3, bioshock, bio infinite, fallout 3, bf4, ghosts, flight sim x(logitech x3d), and dead space 3. They all work fantastic. I havent configured vorpx for bf4 where i can fly the helicopters very well, but right now fallout 3 is pretty hard to tear myself away from. I haven’t played single player video games in YEARS and now i can’t seem stop. I just dont prefer to use gamepads. On some of the simpler unity demos I do use it, but for anything FPS it feels more natural for me to just use m-kboard.

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