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    Im very confused about the difference between Headtracking and Headtrack Roll and cant seem to find any info on it apart from people already knowing what it does, but doesnt explain the difference and what it is exactly.
    By the way I know what Headtracking is (pretty self explanatory lol) but its the Headtrack Roll that confuses me.

    Could someone please give me some info on it, brief or extensive, I dont mind. Would just like to know what it does exactly.
    I am kindve hoping that Headtrack roll makes it only track head movement as just that and doesnt move my mouse with it.
    Thanks in advance for any help I receive :)



    Head tracking roll is what happens when you tilt your head to the left or right right shoulder. What you would like have, decoupling head from mouse movement, is something that is not really possible in a driver like vorpX.

    Tp be precise: theoretically it would be doable, but in almost all games there would be heavy visual artifacts in the form of missing geometry. So in practice this unfortunately isn’t an option.


    Hey Ralf, thanks for all that info ! Yer didnt think it possible, was getting my hopes up really haha Im fine with the way its implemented now anyways since its done for games that dont even support headtracking in the first place.
    Really loving this driver you have made and am glad I purchased it, keep up the good work !
    Oh and while im here, could you please add in official support for Metro Last Light if possible, it starts up unofficially supported now but when I try to load my save it crashes. 3D for that game would be amazing to! Would be very appreciated.
    Cheers, Brennan.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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