What Japanese games and MMORPGs does VorpX work with?

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    I went through the supported games list, and didn’t see much of anything.

    There’s Nier Automata, which sounds pretty great. Not much else other than that, though. There’s also Dark Souls, but I’d prefer something a little closer to a traditional JRPG. It’d definitely be worth a shot for the spoopy atmosphere if I got it. And in the way of MMOs, not much else besides World of Warcraft, if anything?

    I’d love to play Final Fantasy XIV, XI, Tera, Blade & Soul, Black Desert, Bless Online, even ArcheAge. But not World of Warcraft or Elder Scrolls Online.

    And I would love to play some of my JRPG library on Steam. But the only JRPG I see is Nier, and Dark Souls if that counts.

    Any very Asian games I can hope to play that aren’t listed on the Supported page?


    New update coming with more profiles a bit after the 20th, including Final Fantasy XV

    If it uses Unity or Unreal engine, it’s worth trying out using profiles for games using the same engines.

    Dig around and search for those titles, for example this comes up:

    Black Desert Online with Dark Soul 2 G3D

    Nier Automata looks pretty friggin’ amazing, incidentally.


    Final Fantasy XV support is meant to be coming in the next release. I’ve paused my playthrough for that. Haven’t heard of anyone getting FF XIV to work, was curious about that myself.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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