What Should I Upgrade to Improve Performance with VorpX and Hellblade, etc?

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    I have 16 gigs of RAM, a GTX 970 card, and an I5 clocked at 3ghz. Which upgrade would benefit me the most? Hellblade on VorpX is stunning but I’m definitely seeing some steep slowdowns in certain scenes with everything maxed …

    So … faster GPU?

    Or a faster CPU?

    Or am I just going to see some slowdowns with VorpX regardless?


    Hellblade is a GPU bound game. So definitely upgrade your GPU to the most you can afford.

    What i5 are you running? 3Ghz seems like stock speed. OC’ing might get you a few more fps but prob not worth it…depending on what CPU you have.

    Also, if you are running G3D…you probably won’t get much more fps with an upgrade unless you get a 1080 or 108ti with Hellblade. Also depends on the resolution you are running the game at.

    Try experimenting with lower resolutions first until you upgrade. Also, try z-buffer until you upgrade…that will get you probably twice the performance compared to G3D but will look rather flat…until you get use to it.

    For upgrading:

    – a 1070 card might get you 75% more speed
    – a 1080 card might get you 100% more speed
    – a 1080Ti card might get you 150% more speed

    those figures are approx and will vary based on type of game played.



    sorry, correction

    – a 1070 might get you about 50% more speed
    – a 1070Ti might get you about 75% more speed



    Why put everything on MAX? I’ve found that games in VR and VorpX dont work the same as on a normal screen and that its often pretty hard to tell the difference between high and low graphics settings.


    I actually did end up setting most things to low but I’m still getting pretty bad framerates.


    Definitely the GPU. It’s worth noting that I have a 1080ti and that can’t max 60 Hellblade (which is an absolute masterpiece) at 4k. While VR isn’t as intensive as 4K hitting that target 90 could prove difficult with this game.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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