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    Hi fellow gamers, I have been enjoying a lot my purchase of Vorpx, and its always a pleasure to read what are you playing or tweaking, so why dont we share a little bit of what we are enjoying at the moment.

    Im playing Metro Last LighT Redux, in full Vr, and its been a great time, I have little time to play, so Im progressing slowly.

    So whatcha been playin?


    This is going to sound lame, lol, cause I had such big plans! Prey! Deus Ex: Mankind Divided! And so many others (Dragon Age 2 and 3!). But I actually got stuck playing Skyrim. I decided I needed to get back and actually play through some of the other stories in the game (Dawnguard, etc.), and I have been playing this for weeks now. VorpX is so awesome.
    Thanks for sharing this, raidouk3. I’ve had Metro 1 and 2 on my que for VorpX as well! I’ll get to them eventually (I played them flat, but how can I resist playing them in VorpX! lol). Are you looking forward to the third installment?


    I have played Mass Effect with a 4k texture mod and holy shit is was awesome to be back in space!!
    But I wanted to try out other third person games, so i tried Dark Souls 2… Now I have not played anything else in the last 3 weeks. DS 2 rocks!!! So i bought the hole series :)
    But I didnt like the cinema mode for both games, so i tried to make it full vr mode with some tweaks and it works perfect!!! :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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