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    The search function is gone. When i click on *Good Full VR Games for Beginners*, it says “page not found”. I asked for help about a game in the technical support forum, but never got an answer.

    What’s going on with the forum and with VorpX? Is the software abandoned now? I’m really worried…


    If Uncharted and A Plague Tale: Requiem will be released next week, many old vorpx user will come back to the forum. In my opinion many user are reading the forum time to time, but are waiting for blockbuster releases.

    When i click on *Good Full VR Games for Beginners*…

    Have a look to the answer:

    Good Full VR Games for Beginners

    Ralf is a workaholic, in my opinion he decided to develop new vorpx features instead to read the forum.

    My search function is only working, if i’m logged in !


    I’m logged in, but the FORUM SEARCH still doesn’t show. The only thing i see is the SITE SEARCH.


    The forum doesn’t have a search function specifically. This was answered in a recent post in these same forums. Here is the answer from that post:

    “Add site:vorpx.com before any search subject in google and it will search results only in the vorpx forums. Enjoy!”

    Also the Software isn’t abandoned as you will see once you stick around for a bit. There have been 25 posts in these forums that were created/updated in the last week. Ralf (creator) has been part of those responses. There is also a post where Ralf talked about some of his recent distractions but now that he is back and all is well. There was also a minor update to VorpX just a couple weeks ago.


    I see. Though i still clearly remember that there *was* a forum search. Oh well…


    you can get some results in the forum using google to search surprisingly
    ex: vorpx forum sonic settings


    Yes, that works well, thank you!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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