When I turn my head left, the screen pans right.

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    This is for FO:NV.

    I’ve disabled head tracking to get my gamepad working, but now when I look left the camera goes right. Looking up pans the camera down. In the vorpx configuration menu it seems normal.

    I’ve tried reversing the axis in the game menu with no change. I’ve tried moving the head tracking sensitivity down with no change.

    Any ideas? Should my head movement be moving the screen even with head tracking off?

    New to VR, appreciate any help.


    Please do not disable head tracking. Your gamepad works natively in Fallout NV after running the Direct VR scan, which you should do anyway since it improves the game a lot.


    I’ll try it again with head tracking. I was having a lot of issues with getting my gamepad to work, but maybe now that it is I’ll be fine.

    It would be amazing if somehow I could still aim normally with head tracking enabled. I wonder if using steam and setting right stick to control a mouse region (middle of the screen) would work.

    Assigning del to a controller button is a nice way to be able to adjust settings in game without having to take the vr off and on.

    Is it possible to have the game display only on the vr headset? my monitor is only 1080p so i cant increase my resolution beyond that.

    Overall though I am very impressed with vorpx in my short time with it. Nice work.


    After running the Direct VR scanner the gamepad works natively and the vorpX menu is auto-mapped to one of the thumb sticks.

    Resolution: you can set the resolution in the vorpX menu (Direct VR page). For Fallout NV that should allow resolution higher than your monitor allows.

    You can further enhance this functionality by adding custom resolutions to your graphics driver. Check the “Custom Resolutions” section in the vorpX help for further information. It explains which resolutions to add and how to do that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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