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    Do we have a rough time estimate when the new version will be available?
    Will Vorpx update itself or we need to run the install file again?

    Most importantly, which new official game profiles will be available?? :)


    yeah, no communication is the worst.


    @ Steph:

    You are here for such a long time that I think you already know the usual answer to when questions: when it’s done. :) Will be out in the not too distant future, but due to some delays I don’t know excatly when yet.

    Not much going on currently as far as big game releases are concerned which scream loudly for more advanced official profiles. As far as I can tell there are decent user profiles for most of the more interesting recent titles. So no need to rush anything.

    On a hopefully not too annoyed sounding personal note please excuse that slowly I can’t help the impression that you seem to think I owe you something – even after several years of free updates since you purchased vorpX, with both new features as well as heaps of new content on a regular basis. That’s not something you are entitled to, it’s damn good service in a world where most software is sold via subscription models.

    @ Ghost:

    vorpX checks for updates on launch. When the update is available, it will install automatically. No need to reinstall manually.

    VRified Games

    Hi Ralf

    just to play devils advocate for a moment

    i dont think Steph is implying they are owed anything.

    just making an observation that the last update regarding 22.1 was very early in June
    and ended with yourself, making the estimate of “around two weeks”

    i for one, cannot wait for it 😂, but i will wait patiently.

    vorpx is the single greatist investment i have made in terms of VR anything, to date. :-)


    Wasn’t his first post with a somewhat demanding undertone, hence gently pointing out that years of free updates are fairly unusual customer service seemed appropriate at this point.

    No worries though, I didn’t want to sound salty. After all vorpX is meant for having fun – on my end as well as on yours. Couldn’t be happier that you guys enable me to do what I do. Even after all those years I’m just occasionally still wondering what some people seem to take for granted. :)

    VRified Games

    A little, i suppose. :-).

    i for one really admire how you created this framework for multiple generations of Unity and unreal (aswell as others)

    its immense, and the fact that it works out of the box with countless titles

    as i said :-)

    the single greatest investment i ever made with regards to VR


    Hi Ralf. Sorry if I write under this post, I had opened a dedicated one but you probably haven’t seen it. with the new version of vorpx, would it be possible, perhaps with the same system of the authority code, to unlock the predefined profiles? I intend to remove or modify the associated executable. for example in order to start metro exodus enchanted edition in dx12 I have to modify the executable, as metroexodus.exe is in the default profile of metro exodus. I hope I have explained myself and have an answer about it. thank you


    I perfectly understand the wish to do that, unfortunately it would basically break the automated profile update system. Imagine you had overwritten a profile and then due to a game update changes are made to the official profile you did overwrite. You’d never become aware of the updated profile and instead would be stuck with the other one. In a nutshell: I have to weigh complete tinkering freedom against breaking vital functionality here.

    In 90% of the potential cases you can rename the .exe of a game if for some reason you want to use a non-official profile for a game that has already an official profile assigned. That rarely makes much sense anyway though.

    In the particular case of Metro Exodus for example there isn’t really any benefit in switching to the enhanced edition just for the sake of its marginally better RTX effects, especially considering how great the original version already looks. The regular Metro Exodus profile supports both G3D and various advanced DirectVR features that you couldn’t even add to your own custom profile if you wanted to invest the time and effort required for that. As far as vorpX is concerned the enhanced edition is pretty much a ‘dehanced’ edition. ;)

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