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    I’ve been a long-time stereoscopic gamer – about 10 years now with TriDef and other tools, so I’m VERY familiar with the performance issues associated with stereoscopic gaming. Despite this, I’m having some huge issues with vorpX that I just wasn’t expecting.

    For example, using TriDef and my old AMD R9 390 I was able to run Fallout 4 with all settings except shadows set to Max in true 3D mode (not ZPD, what TriDef called “Power3D”) at 1080p and still maintain a minimum of 30fps. Shadow distance had to be limited to 4000, but other than that, I had to make zero quality concessions, even with extensive high-quality texture mods.

    Under vorpX, and with a totally fresh install (no mods at this point), running in “Lounge mode” and with a brand-new RTX 2080 Super card (approx 2x the performance of the R9 390), with FO4 set to 1080p I’m struggling to get even 20 fps in many cases! Note that I’m not trying to play the game in full-VR mode with massive FOV and huge rendering-resolutions, I’m just trying to get the game to run at 1080p in the virtual lounge mode, not even with head-tracking or anything like that.

    I’m not having any problems outside of vorpX – native VR titles run just fine (this is on a Pimax 5K Plus).

    Any idea where I could be going wrong with this?


    1080p shouldnt be a problem at all with the 2080, i can only guess, it may has something to do with the pimax. I am running FO4 with the Vive Pro in 2880*2160 with ~30-60 FPS in most areas (gtx1080ti), though i had to turn down/disable many options. If youre using SteamVR put the superampling slider to 100% or the value that steamVR suggests. May be that will help already.


    VorpX does a lot more than Tridef. Not only does rendering to the headset imply some extra work, in this particular case there is also the larger FOV applied by DirectVR. the larger the FOV, the more rendering work, which obviously costs performance.

    For a 1:1 comparison you have to compare both programs with the same workload, which means vorpX in ‚Generic Headset (Desktop)‘ mode and without any DirectVR features enabled. And not even that would be correct since Tridef only renders half the horizontal resolution in SBS Mode while vorpX always renders two full res images.

    That said, 20fps still sounds too low.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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