Which CPU perform best for geometric 3D? Ryzen? Ryzen X3D? Intel?

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    I purchased because VR is important for me but I cannot find an official cpu benchmark comparison and I do not know which CPU I should buy for best perfomance.

    I am talking about getting best perfomance using geometric 3D.
    For example ryzen 3600X + 3080 did not get 90fps (even at 720p, probably due to bottleneck) on Resident Evil 2 when using geometric 3D as it is a 3D person game with high graphics.

    You once said that most important is single core performance, however since there are new ryzen X3D cpus which have “lower” single core perfomance but higher fps on regular games, is not clear for me if it will be better to have a X3D or worst.

    Also, intel VS amd have a very different benchmarks on enconding/encryption/compression so do not know if this is relevant or not.

    So I would prefer to have some security when purchasing an expensive CPU, because I am buying a more powerful CPU and GPU just for this.


    Highest possible single core performance wins pretty much always when it comes to games. Even highly multi threaded games usually have one main render thread that in the end determines the max performance CPU wise. Doubly so with G3D.

    In case of X3D lower clock rate doesn‘t automatically mean lower single core performance. The gaming advantage of these CPUs comes from there larger caches, not from better multi core performance. General rule of thumb: if a CPU is better in gaming benchmarks, it‘s also better for vorpX.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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