which gun games on vorpx get best result in quality?

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    i tested far cry 3 on vorpx (dk2 oculus rift) but the resolution is no good on it
    is there any game such as far cry( gun games) that give me good quality and real result in head tracking?


    My list of favourites:

    Mirror’s Edge
    Aliens: Colonial Marines
    Shadow Warrior
    The Darkness 2
    Dear Esther *
    Life is Strange *
    Dead Space 3 *
    Max Payne 3 *

    * Unlock prosiontal tracking form advanced options

    These are my favourite perfomance wise. I would add also:

    Alan Wake, who doesn’t suppuort geometry 3d or positional tracking but runs so well with Z-Buffer that you won’t miss the 2.

    All these games works great with 970 and Vive at 1920×1400 with medium detail setting or so.


    I see u ask for gun games well they are not all good games but there’s a few. :)

    I don’t know about Far Cry 3 but maybe is a matter of tweaks to make it run better.


    Also Bioshock Infinite!!


    thanks Marco.
    Are you using oculus rift DK2?
    i saw some games in youtube and they are using VR mode. i dont know how much is their game quality and headset type.
    i seen cs:GO , call of duty black ops 2 and 3
    and etc…


    I have Vive now but i was running all these games on Dk2 before. They look much better on Vive but Dk2 is also enjoyable.

    Amgonst the call of duty games i only own COD: Ghosts. I took a bit to configure it properly but was running well at the end. Very “immersive” but i think it supports only Zbuffer 3d, which means better performance but no positional tracking. I want to play Black Ops 3 in the future; i hope it’s goonna run with Geometry 3d but i am not sure. In any case if is going to work the same as Ghosts it definitely whorts a run.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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