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    Jah Nix

    Hi All, Been using VorpX and Diablo 3 on my VIVE for the last week quite heavily. It has been very successful and fun.

    Wondering if anyone can help shine light on why, after playing for 5 minutes or so, sometimes I get a flashing white, almost like chaperone is kicking in or Steam VR drops connection with the units, and if I cover my bottom sensors with my hand , everything is good, but I have to restart if I wanna let go of the sensors. It loses tracking and position. I hit the Steam VR drivers and connections dropped. Doesn’t happen during ‘made for vr’ games…

    I am already working my way through the troubleshooting list because I don’t exactly run my rig the way VorpX suggest, but possibly dropping the question here maybe someone else has had this issue present. Its almost like after 5-10 minutes a syscall/driver check occurs and something craps out on Steam VR…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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