White Screen when using mobi glass in Star Citizen in geometry mode

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    Hi Ralph
    I am not sure of the problem. Might not even be vorpX related. just covering the bases. For the last month or so, when using vorpX with Star Citizen, When ever you open the mobiglass the monitor and Oculus rift S white screens. Only does this in geometry. Z normal and Z adaptive do not do this. Other than that it works great as always. Now both Oculus and Nvidia have had driver updates since it started. CIG has also introduced several game patches.
    Might you have any ideas? I have tried rolling back what drivers I have been able to. Have also played with every setting under the sun that I could possibly imagine might have eny affect on this. so far I have had no luck. The White screen on the mobglass is the only issue as far as I can tell. Every thing else works as always. As I said, no idea if it is even vorpx related. I really can not see how anything vorpx would do would cause the monitor white screen. My HMD yes. Might just be some code in the game they added that does not like what vorpX is asking for.

    Not a big issue, as both the other modes work just fine, but I do love being able to make the 3d awesome when not streaming. Maybe even some one else using vorpX for Star Citizen can tell me if this is even an issue for other HMD’s beside the Oculus Rift S.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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