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    Let’s see if we can get Syndicate 1993 to work, if it worked for 3dsen, we can make it work too no? All joking aside, why are games so crap nowadays, and 30/35 year old games are still fantastic? You’d think strategy, 4x, space exploration would have evolved. Nope. Mindless shooters and garbage pumped out non-stop. I would even settle for the same games remade with the Unreal engine

    Ultima Exodus – 1983
    2400 AD – 1988
    Battletech C64 – 1988
    Psychic War – 1989
    Phantasy Star 2 – 1989
    Buck Rogers – 1990
    Star Flight Sega Genesis – 1991 (Original 1986)
    Star Control 2 – 1992
    Wing Commander: Privateer 1993
    Master Of Orion – 1993
    Xcom – 1994

    These games have LOADS more interactivity in their (sandbox) game worlds than most new games, they never age out. They had great stories and fun play mechanics and were usually made by ONE guy in his mom’s basement. You look at the giant triple-A games today, they’re mostly garbage, terrible stories, and boring lore. WTF happened? I’m so sick of seeing a game that looks fantastic, and after a couple of hours, I’m bored to tears. Skyrim is a perfect example, bland characters, convoluted story, boring fetch quests, if it wasn’t for the game world this game would put you to sleep. It’s like people got dumber as computers got more advanced.

    I knew when I went to the computer store in the 80’s, I would be coming back with a QUALITY title… now I buy a game on Steam and return it almost the same day. Half the games suck, the other half are just O K.

    A perfect example is STARTOPIA (2001), this game is a masterpiece. So when developers tried to copy the formula and released the steaming pile of crap that is Space Base Startopia, 20 years later, I was floored. How can you take something incredible and turn it into garbage… all you had to do was do the exact same thing with new graphics?!?!? You didn’t even have to come up with new ideas. This should have been a no-brainer.

    The fact that we’ve found aliens, and even THEIR current ship designs are bland and boring is very telling. If not for VorpX and VR, the future would suck!

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