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    I get sick after about 10 min of playing every vorpx game I have tried, the most recent being GTA 5. Does this happen to a lot of people or is there something I am doing wrong that is causing this to happen?

    BTW games that have native oculus support do not cause this problem.


    I have the same problem. I think it´s because injectors cause some input lag.

    You could try

    – latency enhancement (in the vorpx menu)
    – calibrating the headtracking
    – calibrating 3d depth
    – setting the fov in the game optimizer (ingame for gta)

    And also try to move your head slow and only when necessary.

    This did not fix the lag problem completely, but I can play for an hour or more now.


    Are you getting low persistence ( = 75 fps ingame at all times)?. That helps a lot for not getting sick. Also tweak headtracking with mouse sensitivity / vorpx controls until it feels natural, otherwise it can get you sick too.

    Another option that helps, but will make you lose immersion is reducing the fov. If you see the black borders around the image it will help a lot with that, that’s one of the reasons cardboard actually doesn’t make you sick much since it’s very low fov, but obviously is the less desirable option.


    I sort of think the opposite about moving your head. Even if the frame rate isn’t great I find moving my head to look makes me way way less sick then just staring forward and having the world move around me. But definitely I agree about not whipping your head around all fast crazy. That’s a sure fire way to instantly enter the sick zone.

    When I first tried vorpX(and the Rift in general) I would get dizzy but I found adjusting my IPD(I was using factory Rift settings) and turning down the 3D in some games helped dramatically.

    Also if your PC isn’t exactly a power house try having nothing else running and turn down the in game settings to see if you can bump up your frame rate.

    I could only play for about an hour every other couple hours when I first got the Rift. Now I can flip around, dip dive dangle and it doesn’t bother me. Hopefully after time you can get used to it. It’s does sucks some people get sick even after trying to adjust to it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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