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    I just had a nice email from a gentleman who has a neck disability and cannot look up and down. He thanked me for my VorpX guides that allow him to still be in VR and use the thumbsticks to look up and down in certain games. I call that a win and one of the many reasons why we do what we do!
    So up yours all the VorpX haters and naysayers. :)


    Very well !
    I too suffer from a stiff neck sometimes and slighly changing the immersive Screen angle vertically seems to make the affected muscles relax. Then after a while a change it back to normal.



    That is wonderful news on how VorpX has helped somebody experience VR in a way not achievable by other means, and congratulations to yourself for helping to make this happen. That must be a wonderful feeling!

    Perhaps your post might reach a bigger audience if placed in Reddit under the Valve Index or Oculus Rift pages. I can’t say I’ve noticed hate mail of any significance in these forums (it seems anybody posting here is in search of help and not harassment).

    I myself am a fan of your YouTube video.
    Great job on being a fine VR ambassador to the masses.


    I’ve not much to contribute to this post, other than to say i really appreciate what you both do, ParadiseDecay and RJK_, and i’m happy that you continue to spread the word and make the VorpX experience better for all of us. :thumbsup:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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