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    In the most recent build of Windows 10 preview and modified graphics drivers people have had success getting the Rift running and have seen major performance boosts. Though the limitation is without positional tracking and so far only in direct mode.

    I was just wondering Ralf if you have been doing any testing in windows 10. I was under the impression you do not really use the oculus runtime for anything other than head-tracking. Is it already compatible and if not do you plan to support Windows 10 at launch? Or is it a way way down the road priority?

    I only ask because I am migrating my UE4 project to Windows 10 for the previous performance reasons. However Vorpx is my main source of entertainment with VR. Not a fan of Dual boots but I will if necessary. Also I am sure the performance boost to Vorpx would be welcome as well.

    Anyone else running Vorpx on Windows 10.


    Here is one post from the oculus forums. Although reddit and guru3d also have postings.


    vorpX worked on Windows 10 when I tried, but that was a while ago. So not sure about any possible issues that may have been introduced by graphics driver changes in the meantime. Official support will be introduced shortly after the Windows 10 release version is available.

    I don’t expect any significant performance boost for DX9 to DX11 games though. I read that post on the Oculus forum, but I honestly think that this primarily is a case of a subjectively perceived performance gain that probably isn’t really there.


    AH just wishful thinking then.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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