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    Hello Ralf,

    My Gaming PC is running on Win 7 x64.

    After updating Vorpx to the current version, not a single game was working any longer. Only when I updated the Oculus software (which really didn’t want to do, since for the first time after weeks of stuttering everything worked fine) Vorpx was working again as usual.

    So, what happens now that Microsoft is no longer supporting Win 7 ???

    The next update for the Oculus Rift software, as I understand it, will not be available for users of Win 7.
    When you release the next update for Vorpx, will older Oculus software versions be supported or not?

    I will definitely NOT upgrade my PC to Windows 10. I have about 60 Games installed on my machine, many of them with tons of Mods . . .

    Will I be able to continue to use Vorpx without being forced to upgrade to Windows 10 or not?


    little Guardian


    At some point you will get left behind if you want to continue to use a 10 years old OS that not even its manufacturer supports anymore. That’s just the nature of things, sorry.

    From a VR developer’s perspective supporting Windows 7 doesn’t make too much sense anymore. The latest Oculus hardware survey shows only 0.4% of VR users are still on Windows 7, a number that doesn’t really justify the extra work for testing and potentially applying Windows 7 specific fixes. So if you want developers to provide you with the newest versions of their software, at some point you finally will have to say Goodbye to Windows 7.

    Can’t say yet when exactly that will happen in case of vorpX, but it sure will.

    Participant for a windows 10 key.


    Thank you for the answer Ralf, at least in part . . .

    I understand your point of view as a developer.

    What concerns me is: Will I be allowed to continue to use a current version of Vorpx if I want to stick with it or will I be forced to update Vorpx at some time in the future?


    I can’t really answer this question yet. A lot depends on how the VR runtime vendors will handle their Windows 10 only transitions in the end.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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