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    Desktop viewer works fine. Witcher 3 does not. (only game I tried)

    When I go in game, SteamVR launches, and I get the SteamVR loading screen with the grid pattern drawn on the ground. Then, when the view in the headset starts streaming the sound from the game, the screen goes black.

    any help?

    I am also unable to run any game that I purchased from the Steam store in VR, Although I could yesterday, before I installed Vorpx. Now when I try to launch a game from the steam store, Vorpx tries to hook into it, and prevents it from launching.

    *edit* nevermind about the last part. I was able to exclude steam games from whatever Vorpx tries to hook into. (trivially) still no witcher though.


    Found another game in my library (trine 2) that works with vorpx. That one works. So apparently its something specific to witcher 3


    Also tried an older version of the witcher 3 from gog, without any of the patches. That didn’t work either.


    I know you fixed it by excluding the games, but figured I would say it anyway, ..

    If you plan on playing any VR games (or indeed temporarily not using Vorpx) then I would recommend you either;
    1 – Right click the Vorpx (notification) icon and select “Pause watcher”
    2 – Right click the Vorpx (notification) icon and close Vorpx completely.

    This way you don’t need to exclude a shed ton of games and Vorpx will not try to hook into anything as it will not be running ;)

    So basically if you’re not using Vorpx, you don’t need it running.



    You gotta launch it with the DX11 version

    After I noticed that there was a DX11 version of the .exe in the Witcher folder, I tried that and it worked. Then I did a little research, and apparently if you use Gog’s launcher (not sure why you would ever want to…) then you can select “classic version” and that should launch a working version as well.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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