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    looks pretty amazing graphics wise. Anyone tried this with full vr? and do we need to adjust fov ourselves or..?


    I haven’t but I want to.

    I find it a little suspicious that as far as I can tell, that video never actually shows any first person combat. It’s just your character walking around. I wonder how well combat works.


    I’ve tried it. It switches back to 3rd person as soon as combat starts


    When tried it, the character kept turning after i turned\looked left or right. It really messes up the experience. I got it to look really good, so the controls being wonky dampened all of my hopes.


    I Tried this the other day but haven’t had any joy getting it running as i found the instructions rather vague. Really would like to put it through Vorpx and see how it runs


    Thanks for posting this. I never finished the Witcher 3 despite really enjoying it, largely because of the 3rd person view. I was continually trying to get the camera in positions where I could see what I actually wanted to see, rather than looking at our hero’s backside.

    Are they still planning a re-release of Witcher 3 with RT etc?

    I like the direction of having mods specific to the vorpX / VR experience like we’ve now seen with RDR2 and GTA V (not that I’ve played either of those titles. I might eventually give RDR2 a try though). That’s just a perfect idea; combine vorpX with a mod designed to make the experience work well. Cyberpunk desperately needs such treatment to resolve just a couple of issues that make it really difficult to work with in a full VR way (vehicle FOV, for example.)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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