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    The big Witcher 3 4.0 update is releasing today and – as expected – petty much completely breaks the Witcher 3 vorpX profile.

    Since despite the game’s age this probably is one of the most interesting game releases this year for many, I have been working on enhancing the profile for a while now with a dedicated vorpX connection mod. Providing additional features like DirectVR (AFR) 3D and a custom camera. There are still a few things to iron out, but as I had hoped the mod works fine with the new update in general, so expect an updated vorpX together with a hugely enhanced Witcher 3 vorpX experience shortly.

    Together with this comes a brand new update system specifically for profiles with game specific extra (mod) data, removing the need for full vorpX updates whenever a game update breaks connection mods. That will make handling special profiles like this one a lot easier for both me and you.


    That’s very interesting! How can we use your profile? Is it possible ingame to look around freely with your custom camera ? That’s, from my point of view, what the actual profile is missing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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