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    Recently upgraded my GPU and decided to get back to Witcher world

    However I get very low FPS ( 35-40 )

    My PC is 9900k + RTX3080
    Witcher3 has FOV slider mod and latest reworked mod

    Game settings are all at ultra, textures at HALK, shadows at high, no hairwork

    In game resolution 2560 x 1920.
    Link SS at 1.1, 90hz

    I was expecting to get a better performance with 3080..
    Are there any settings I missed? Am I asking too much from my hardware?


    That’s close to the performance I get with my RTX2060 on ultra settings. Given that a 3080 is supposed to have an effective speed around 2.2 that of a 2060, I’d expect better performance too.

    I use a Rift-S, not Quest2 so maybe an issue with the Link or the GPU is not being utilized fully.


    Thanks Ogrescar, I think that 3080 is not powerful enough..
    I tried it with my RiftS on my other PC (6700k rtx3070) and I was getting 70+FPS

    It seems that resolution bump + refresh rate bump + link overhead.. takes a toll even on 3080
    On top it seems that v12 “reworked mod” also has a hit on performance

    I installed older version of “reworked” and I’m getting 45-50fps now at 2880×2160, it still dips to 39-40 sometimes, but it looks beautiful and is playable


    You could try setting vr prerendered frames in nvidia control panel to a value higher than the default (1). It may help with link latency, might make it worse – can’t test it myself.


    from reading this post and from watching beardo benjos cyberpunk vorpx videos, the Rift S might be a better choice over the quest 2 if you are using vorpx, do you guys agree ?


    I don’t have a Quest2 so I can’t comment on that, but Rift-S is selling for $300 right now (while supplies last since it has been discontinued). Might be a good time to pick up one.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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