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    All was working correctly.
    While in full VR F1 2020 there was a crash.

    Since then.
    When clicking middle mouse button instead of going full VR emersive it does the opposite and it zooms out to infinity and then you are in black screen.

    Things I tried.
    Running other games
    Removing vorpx/reset reinstall
    Removing WMR/Reset reinstall
    Played with several settings in menu

    Setting vorpx to Steam does fix the middle mouse zooming out and sends you to immersive fill VR however graphics are pixelated and really poor. There is no fix all my graphic settings are pushed to the limit.

    WMR for the short few days that it worked, was a better graphic but still pixelated with high white washout. Gamma is already at 0.5 saturation at 2 in Vorpx and minimum gamma in game settings.

    Was there any updates yesterday that were pushed trough?
    I can only think after alot of troubleshooting that something changed from an update while I was in the game… If vorpx actually updates itself with no notification.

    Any thoughts?


    It’s a bit worrying that two potentially tracking related WMR issues pop up on the same day, but I also can’t replicate this one.

    As far as vorpX is concerned the last update was the one from three weeks ago, not sure whether there has been a WMR update in the last days.

    One thing I noticed while checking this is that there seems to be some minor issue with ALT-SPACE recentering while in EdgePeek mode. Just caused a small offset for me, but that is the closest I observed to what you experienced. So the only thing I can suggest is trying to recenter while the normal view is active, not in EdgePeek mode.


    Thanks for your reply.
    I have tried center it.
    Tried Alt and Control Space… but that’s only for when infante was far left but that is a completely different issue.

    Middle mouse button zooming out instead of going inside full VR is the main issue.

    I am out of ideas right now.
    Will try next weekend again.



    Things I tried
    Restore Windows
    Clean Install of WMR
    Clean install of VORPX
    Video Driver Update
    Different USB Ports
    Different Display ports

    So Middle mouse button in full vr for Steam and WMR behave exactly the opposite way.
    Again all was working fine and then mid game there was a crash and it started to behave this way.

    Where can I find logs for crashes?

    I only bought the software for F1 2020. At the moment I have no other use for the software.
    What is the proceeding for a refund?

    Is there an ini file where I can edit WMR HP Reverb behavior?


    I am trying to install other games to see if there is any use for me for Vorpx

    What I notice with other games is that it always loads the game to the left andd above eye sight view.
    using shortcuts to center don’t work.


    Still need help.


    If you have trouble with using your G2 headset in OpenXR mode, but it works with SteamVR, please use SteamVR. A G2 is used here most of the time for dev work currently without these issues, so there isn’t really anything else I can suggest.

    Apart from that: if you happen to have the WMR developer tools installed, please make sure to reset everything to default there.


    Steam VR despite not having the same problem the graphics are all pixelated, resolution is really poor.

    I don’t have developer tools installed.

    I have Open Track installed.


    There shouldn’t be any difference between OpenXR and SteamVR as far as the resolution is concerned. Games always render at the resolution that is set in their video options. If e.g. you have set a res of 1920×1080 in the game options, the game will be rendered at 1920×1080 regardless of OpenXR/SteamVR as VR API in vorpX. A good resolution for F1 2020 at default settings is 2650×1440 if your PC can handle that performance wise.

    OpenTrack is not required. Since a few versions vorpX comes with its own TrackIR handling. Maybe that is your issue.


    Thanks Ralf,

    I figured a few things.
    Uninstalled Open Track – no changes
    Video Driver Clean Installation – no change

    In Vorpx Menu inside Game.
    In OpenXR and Steam
    Open XR – Mouse Middle Click actually brings you inside VR Full Mode
    Clicking to get out of VR full screen is actually what makes screen disappear, zooming out to
    Steam – Behaves correctly.

    But both Steam and Open XR
    When in full VR I can see the black background environment.
    I tried to use menu of VorpX inside game to zoom in but it doesn’t change. The number stays at
    0.40 no matter what I do.

    Now resolution.
    GPU is pretty beefed up. It can take res but what I found out is that game follows res of monitor instead of VR Headset and I am using a 1080 TV as monitor.

    Any ideas.



    With an nVidia GPU you can add higher resolutions to your PC than your monitor allows. The ‘Custom Resolutions’ section in the vorpX help has a step-by-step guide. With an AMD GPU you can enable VSR (Virtual Super Resolution) in the GPU control panel. Not as flexible, but in principle similar.

    Image Zoom:

    Please don’t change anything here. The default value ensures that the maximum game FOV matches your headset FOV. The game FOV can’t be set high enough to still match your headset FOV with a higher ImageZoom value. If you already tweaked this setting manually, please reset the profile to default.


    I manage to up the res.
    I was starting the game from outside of VR and it was taking the Monitor res.

    But even at max res 2650×1440 there is not much change..
    In shadowed areas I can see great green areas like colors are all wrong..
    I thought it was related to res but there is more to it..



    Even with res at 2650×1440 there is a very clear distinction on greens, specially on shadow areas.

    The transition of colors have defined edges.
    For example you can look at a face and the skin color is not natural because you can see these transitions.
    Gamma is all the way down to 0.

    Is this just how it is?


    I’m afraid I don’t really understand the issue. With a G2 there shouldn’t be any need to tinker with the vorpX or game gamma setting in F1 2020.

    If you happen to have a HDR monitor and HDR is enabled in the game options, disable that. HDR would only work on your mnoitor, but look off color/gamma wise in the headset. As far as I’m aware there there aren’t any HDR capable headsets yet, the G2 certainly isn’t.

    Best reset all graphics settings to default.


    didnt work

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