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    Did any of you guys got the newer Wolfenstein games to run with Vorpx?
    Cyberpilot and Youngblood?
    An official profile for both would be great!


    Just checked Cyberpilot is VR , so Youngblood with Vorpx would be the one to check out



    There is also VKvision for Wolfenstein and Doom which runs absolutely top and fluently in excellent 3D and VR…!!!



    Yeah, I dont think the Vk3D supports the new 3090 Graphic cards + I dont like to play with VR motion controllers, so not for me.

    I have not tried yet but I think the new colossus runs same engine like youngblood, so I might give it a go later and use this vorpx profile and see if it works on Youngblood.

    For now I fired up the New ORDER and its okay with Vorpx, older game and the 3D is bit shaky and not perfect but I can live with it.



    Thats not true. VK3D works great for Vulcan games (and supports latest cards) – most of the fixes have mouse and keyboard.

    Here’s a tutorial vid that shows you how to set it up:


    Not sure, I know that PD had the 2070 Super in this video and on many others and it worked there, but if you google:

    ‘helixvisoin working with 3080’

    that below comes up, and I read in many other places its not working or needs walk around

    ‘The Nvidia driver which supports the RTX 3080 is not compatible with the main 3DVision driver of Helixvision’

    Either way REshade is working great with Vulcan so all good.


    any idea how it runs with an AMD card? such as an RX6600XT

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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