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    Hi all,

    I just got Meta Quest 2 (former Oculus Quest 2) and I am wondering whether buying VORPX or not, tbh. I’ve been lots of videos with very cool 3D works on non native VR games however, I was not able to see the games that I would be interested to use this in, on YB… At least these are not very populated… For instance:
    – TruckerMP (EuroTruckSimulator2)- Read some people were able and even found a video which explains how to but most of the forums was negative comments.
    – Train Sim World or other TrainSim simulators… Same as ETS2..
    – Dead by Daylight…

    Are there any 100% working profiles uploaded in the VORPX software?



    I found Train sim to be totally underwhelming with vorpx. Just couldn’t get anything that looked decent as an image, immersive, or to perform at a decent frame rate on my 3090.

    Truck sim i play natively in VR, nothing vorpx would ever do would better what they’ve done. The representation of real depth 3D reconstruction, beats out any other driving game in VR (i have them all)

    I get that you can’t go online with TruckerMP, but since convoys came along, it scratches that itch.

    If you’re looking for a train sim in VR, i totally recommend Derail Valley. Perhaps not a licenced game with official routes, but built from the ground up for VR, high fidelity PC centric, and there’s a mod scene going on to skin stuff and add in multi online.


    About the negative comments, there’s gonna be way more of those as usually nobody feels the need to come to the forum to say they had no problems, other than that i’d say all first-person games work with vorpX, maybe not with G3D but even in the worse case you could still play with no 3D at all, personally i find it makes some games more immersive, specially for games where G3D is too heavy and Z3D is the only option


    just adding on. I’ve had several headsets, and Reverb G2 is at the top of the list *especially* if you are primarily using vorpX. The only reason I could see going with any other headset, is if you wanted to play and master Beat Saber at a very high difficulty level because of the superior tracking… else Reverb G2 is by far the best solution

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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