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    Hi, I just started to use Vorpx with WoW, and it’s so great how easily it works (sorry for my English, i’m french).
    The only thing that still blocks me is I don’t understand how to play with a gamepad.
    I just have my PS4 controller and the ideal would be the WoW addon named Console Port, because it’s very easy to use and I’ve already set my gamepad with it (without Vorpx).
    But Console Port doesn’t seem to react when Vorpx is on. Is it normal ?
    And if Console Port is not compatible with Vorpx, is there an easy way to use (and configure) a PS4 controller with Vorpx and WoW ?


    I have no experience with that mod, but please check whether you maybe accidentally enabled vorpX’s gamepad override (“Mouse and Gamepad Settings” page of the ingame menu). It is disabled per default in WoW, but in case you enabled it, any other gamepad input would be blocked, so that might potentially be the issue. That’s really just a guess though.

    If you can’t make the mod work, you can use the internal vorpX gamepad override, which maps a gamepad to mouse+keyboard and is freely configurable in the vorpX menu. Probably not as good as a dedicated mod, of course.


    Ok, I’ll check that, thanks ! ;)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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