Would it be possible to turn auto-update off?

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    Though I’m always a sucker for the next update it can sometimes be annoying that all the settings are reset, when you’ve spent hours tweaking them. When I’m playing a game I would much rather wait till I’ve completed said game and then update. Would it be possible to add a auto-update on/off box to the Vorpx configuration app?


    No more settings resets anymore beginning with the next update. I made the required changes over the last two days.

    Existing custom profiles as well as changed user settings for official profiles are now imported into the new profile database after an update. The only exception are potential new official profiles, which always overrule custom profiles for games where no official profile existed before.


    Good to hear. I still don’t see why there shouldn’t be an off switch to auto-updates. Updates may unexpectantly break something, especially in the case of software like Vorpx that rely on so many different variables for each game. Any self-respecting software, even much simpler software, has this feature. And it’s not like the generals tab of Vorpx is cluttered compared to other apps.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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