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    Last night i jumped into World of Warcraft Classic and it was great!!
    3rd person was amazing it was like i was standing directly over my characters back or shoulder… the game ran smooth the entire environment appeared 3D !! i loved it so much i want to go back and play more W.O.W Classic !! BUT when i logged into World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth patch 8.2.1 it was Jittering, glitchy and lagging!! i had to literally turn down all the setting to the lowest settings they had and it still didn’t run as smooth as W.o.W classic… My Only Option was either A) attempt to enjoy the 3rd person 3d perspective in the lowest settings with it kind of running smooth experience or turn off the 3d geometry which is basically watching the game flat 2d screen but yet enjoy the game with its ultra settings…right now im using an ASUS x399 motherboard/ Ryzen threadripper 1950x/ ASUS GeForce RTX 2080 O8G Dual-fan OC Edition GDDR6 HDMI …ANY ADVICE OR HELP PLEASE??


    wow retail is much more taxing performance wise than wow classic.
    wow classic graphics are from 2005 while wow retail overcharge wow engine to the maximum it can handles, the level of details is night and day between the 2 versions hence why you have to lower the settings for wow retail in order to get decent framerate.

    that said for wow retail i’m fine with settings set to 7 with the following setup:

    5820k @ 4.4
    16 gb ddr4 @3ghz
    gtx 1080
    windows 10 64 bits
    samsung ssds.

    with your setup you should be able to run wow retail just fine i think, i’m not expert of amd cpu but yours is about the equal of mine i think.

    btw did you choose the very first directX option ? (it says DX11 compatible) this is the way to go for vorpx.


    @ romeyromel:

    Please also check whether the graphics API is set to “DirectX 11 Legacy”, not “DirectX 11”!, in the game options. vorpX should take care of that, but maybe that failed for some reason.


    I had no problem getting 60 fps on an i5-2400 with a GTX Titan X on bfa last month. You really should have better performance so it must be your setup.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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