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    Two years ago someone made a head tracking mod for use on WoW private servers.
    With a good bit of effort, I was able to get it working! But his suggestion of using Tridef for 3d effect makes the game judder when turning your head.

    Using Vorpx instead of Tridef solves the judder issue. Unfortunately I can’t find a profile that also adds 3d. It needs to work with version 1.12.1 of the game and the current WoW vorpx profiles don’t hook with this older version. (I’ve been using a skyrim profile which hooks but without any 3d effect.)

    So my question is, does anyone have or know of a profile that will add 3d to WoW 1.12.1?

    Here’s a link to a reddit thread about the mod. If anyone wants to try it themselves I’d be happy to help, as the mod is very outdated and can take a while to figure out.


    I guess the link didn’t work. Trying again:

    I MacGyver’d up a WoW VR mod for private servers
    byu/Nevohtez inVive


    i’m sorry to say this but vorpx will probably (i’m almost 100% sure) never support /work on unofficial servers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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