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    Hi everyone, Ralf,

    I recently tried the Wreckfest Profile and it took me numerous attempts to get the 3D to pop-out. The VorpX menu showed Z-Normal, but everything was still flat.
    Interestingly I tried a race with this flat screen and as soon as I completed the course and moved onto the next race, the 3D suddenly popped.
    The same happened again after a few races the 3D disappeared and I was back to a flat screen.
    I have repeated this process x2 now and each time the same thing, random 3D and random flat screen.

    Does anyone have any idea what is happening here?
    The game is AMAZING btw when 3D works.



    Difficult to say exactly, never tried the game, but judging from the description my guess would be that it might switch between different depth buffers occasionally. I have the game in my Steam library since ages, but somehow forgotten about it. No promises, but I‘ll check it before the next update.


    Just bought this one today. I couldn’t get it working in VR correctly either but in Immersive mode this is so far the best Vorpx experience I got. Sitting in my racing rig with the screen in Immersive mode makes Wreckfest a whole lot better compared to when I played it on my ps4 with a controller :)


    Hey Ralf…

    I know you’re hard at work on the WMR update (which I’m so pumped about, I keep checking if it’s up every few hours even though I know you said end of the week!)

    But if you could have another look at this one, it would be much appreciated.
    I ended up buying it on Steam even though I had it on the MS store. Mostly because of the workshop tracks etc… but also because I foolishly thought maybe it was the fact it was on the MS store that the 3d might not have been working.

    It’s just such a phenomenal game.
    Anyway… here’s hoping it can get working in 3d on Vorpx again at some point in the future.


    I would be so great proper suport for Wreckfest :)


    Leider ist das spiel immernoch flach. Ich würde mich auch so sehr freuen wenn es funktionieren würde.


    Unfortunately the game is still flat. I would also be so very happy if it would work.

    sorry for the double post

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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