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    Hi, i´m new to this, too.

    Is it possible to change the Trackingmode of VorpX. In x3 it seems only possible to drive the flightdirection in a kind of mousemode. This is not what i like to have. Look at Naturalpoints TrackIR. This is driving only the headmovement, not the flightdirektion of the ship.

    Sorry, but the Devs are thinking like Gamers to Simulations…or am i wrong ??


    I am interested in using Vorpx to play X3, but have a question.

    When playing X3 are youin immersive view (like “in” the game) or are you looking at the game projected in front of you a.k.a. “theater mode”?

    -Vic (X3 & X4 fan)


    If the game supports TrackIR, you probably can use OpenTrack instead of vorpX’s built in head tracking.


    Has anyone tried x4. I tried x3 but I couldn’t get any 3-D stereoscopic going which is a shame. I would really be interested in a space trading game that runs Geometry.

    2060 RTX Super
    3900X Ryzen
    Can run pretty much anything.


    For X3 and openTrack, i confirm what Ralph said, and it works pretty well. (without any particular configuration, i just put my vive on input and reverse pitch in options. I did Nothing more). I have already played about 30 hours in X3 with vorpx and it is very good even if it is not geometry (i played i think 650 hours in X REbirth VR, so i think i am for a big adventure in X3).

    Just for those who want to play X3 with vorpx, personnaly i play with a resolution with 1920 x 1080, i play full screen to enable anti aliasing. Full VR works good, but i prefer to use immersive scren (which works as good as full VR) so you avoid to click on the middle mouse button to see the options on the left. Of couse it is possible that there could have better settings, but for me it is more than sufficient.

    Perhaps one day Ralf will find a solution for X4 or we will need to wait at least 2 years before seeing a X4 VR from egosoft i think.


    Without TrackIR support built into the game there is no way do that unfortunately.


    X4 seems to have trackir support like X3 albion prelude (since 2.5 version)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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