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    Hey everyone,

    So, I feel like a TOTAL IDIOT. I have had some Vorpx games I wanted to go back and play, such as Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, or older Deus Ex games, Thief series, etc… That dont support controllers.

    I did try Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines like 4 years ago, but ran into a problem during the “Hacking” sequences and navigating in a computer in the game; along with some abilities just not being available from a lack of buttons.

    Now, I think I have found a fix for this problem; and its been staring me in the damn face for years.

    The Xbox ChatPad.

    Its a small keyboard that plugs into the bottom of your Xbox controller, and features a full keyboard, along with numbers 1-9 and 0, like a regular keyboard.

    For instance, in Vampire the Masquerade, I would need to press specific buttons to access hacking and other things, which resulted in me having to take off my headset, find the button on my keyboard, then proceed… In the end, it became too much of a Slog to actually do it long term and I quit.

    Now, I think we have a fix. You can map your controller in Steam as you like for the game, get movement, some main attacks and camera controls onto your Controller, then add this piece of hardware in to give you access to all the shortcuts youd have with a regular keyboard, but actually attached to our Controllers.

    Here is a guide on it – I have no lept in to buy it yet, doing some more research on it; but these might be a boon for other players who, like me, prefer Vorpx VR with a controller; but have been held back by the keyboard shortcuts not being available to us.

    Im probably going to get this, this seems like way way too good of a solution that I have known about for years and never put two and two together. It also may help any of you just playing normal games without controller support, put basic movements, camera control on your controller; then use the Xbox Chatpad to access more shortcuts based upon the game’s actual Keyboard controls.

    Here is the guide, Im going to be looking into this some more. Just wanted to point it out.

    Take care, all

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