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    Just wanting to confirm that in general, most Game Pass games don’t work with VorpX?

    Actually, Outer Worlds DOES run with VorpX (Albeit no well for me) but Dishonored 2 and Metro Exodus do NOT. I think the reason might be that Dishonored 2 and Metro are configured/assumed to run via Steam whereas Outer Worlds may have been specifically configured to work with Game Pass since it is not yet available on Steam.

    Ralf might you be able to confirm?

    I tried creating a VorpX shortcut as per the troubleshooting guide but the Dishonored2.exe file won’t allow access. Is there a known workaround for this?


    There is no general issue with Game Pass games, but two things that can cause one:

    1. The game is programmed as Windows Store (Universal Windows Platform) app instead of being a ‘desktop application’. In that case you are out of luck, UWP apps run in a sandbox and thus can’t be hooked without serious hacking. Microsoft inhouse games are most likely to fall into this category.

    2. A game uses a different .exe name on Game Pass. In that case you could simply make a copy of the according profile in the vorpX config app and assign the actual Game Pass .exe name to this profile. Since typically you can’t access the folder where the game is installed, doing so involves a little trick: first check the name of the .exe in your task manager (details tab), then create an empty text file on your desktop, rename it to ‘whatevertheexeiscalled.exe’ and use the renamed textfile as a dummy when you assign the .exe to the copied profile. Afterwards you can delete the file again. Caveat: make sure that displaying file name extensions is enabled in Windows Explorer, otherwise this won’t work.

    In case of 2. it would also be great if you could give me a heads-up, so that I can update the official profile. I’ll check some Game Pass games occasionally, but I just can’t check all of them.


    The good news is #2 worked for Dishonored. It did happen to have a different .exe name so once that was fixed it worked. The bad news for me personally is it just isn’t inviting enough for me to want to play it with VorpX. Its more like a 360 video than 3D. And I just couldn’t get the settings to minimize distortion while head turning enough to be enjoyable.

    Metro Exodus falls under #1. (I think I clue for that might be is that the game icon even says “Metro Exodus (Windows)”

    On a side note, Ralf, I sent you an email a few days ago regarding older versions of Vorpx and Evil Within 2. Let me know if you got it when you get a chance. Thank you for your help!


    vorpX is backwards compatible to profiles. If a custom profile you tried does not work, then not because it was done with an older version. If vorpX can’t hook a game please first and foremost check for conflicts with other programs on your PC that also hook into games. The trouble shooting guide on top of this sub forum has more details on that. Apart from that I can’t really say much to unsupported games.

    FOV/distortion: you can resolve this one way or the other for every game, even if vorpX can’t handle it automatically. There are two sections in the help covering this matter: first the ‘Essential Hints Guide’ that explains all potential options available in this regard. Secondly the ‘1-2-3 Game Setup’, which explains how to setup basically every first person game for FullVR mode in an easy (although not necessarily the best possible) way. You should not have to do that for Dishonored 1 though. That’s a DirectVR game where vorpX handles FOV automatically.

    BTW: As a beginner you maybe want to look into the ‘Good FullVR games for Beginners‘ list first until you know your way around a bit and have a better understanding of how to deal with things like FOV manually.

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