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    I’ve been trying to get Vorpx working with Skyrim, but i’m having trouble with my Y axis being inverted. The X axis works perfectly with the in-game camera, but looking up or down doesn’t work (I’m pretty sure the Y axis doesn’t actually move the camera either, it moves the ‘image’ of the game), changing settings in the in-game Vorpx menu relating to headtracking completely stops the camera movement in-game with my HMD

    Does anybody know what i’ve done wrong?


    Do you by any chance play with inverted mouse y-axis? That would lead to inverted head tracking. To solve this you can invert the head tracking y-axis in the vorpX ingame menu in that case (head tracking page).


    Hi Ralf,

    I don’t, and changing the ingame option for inverted y-axis or the head tracking y-axis inverted in the vorpx menu ingame does not seem to have any effect on anything. If I change the x-axis options through the vorpx menu however, this does become inverted so i’m not sure why the y-axis is not being changed.

    I’m using the Vive and I can see my chaperone bounds when I move towards them, and when I look up it looks up in the bounds correctly, but the in-game camera looks down.



    I deleted my local Skyrim settings in my documents and it has fixed the issue, i’m not sure which setting was causing this but it was only causing it for Vorpx – My y-axis for both the mouse and my controller were not inverted

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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