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    Hey everyone,

    So made a thread earlier in 2020 when lockdown started happening trying to get ideas for good games to play via Vorpx during the last year and wanted to make a new recommendation thread, if anyone was interested in posting their best Vorpx experiences.

    My last thread I mentioned my favorite, before 2020, being modded 1st person Sekiro, 1st person Dark Souls 3, 1st Person Mass Effect Andromeda

    So I didnt get to do as much Vorpx gaming in 2020 as I would have liked, but I would like to point out some great experiences I had in Vorpx in 2020

    So for new recommendations:

    Resident Evil 7 – even with Z-Adaptive, not Geo3d. There were some issues with gun ghosting and shadows in Geo 3d for me, but Z-Adaptive didnt have those at all.

    Seriously – if you were kinda bored with RE, I was too, but… this game is just a goddamn treasure and should be experienced by -ANYONE- with Vorpx. You can find it for like 8 bucks on Keys sites.

    Metro Exodus was pretty fantastic as well, was happy with the direction that game took with the open world FPS design and surprised me with how well it ran in Vorpx.

    Titanfall 2 – Ran incredibly smooth and just a great campaign in VR

    On a more difficult recommendation, got Dark souls 2 to work in 1st person VR with Cheat Engine. That was a fun one, you could find the instructions online if you wanted to – but Id Recommend Sekiro or Dark Souls 3 before it, much easier to get up and running.

    So anyone have any games they thought were particularly good to experience they want to point out in the last few months/year?

    Thanks for your time and take care


    shadow warior 1 G3D
    outlast 2 G3D
    mortal shell G3D
    borderlands 3 G3D
    metro exodus G3D

    for all games except shadow warrior, i’m playing medium settings with 1920*1440 resolution.
    not silky smooth but fully playable.

    those are the games i’ve been busy with lately ^^

    but to fully enjoy them i had to upgrade my computer and now i have a kickass one.

    i wanted to play shadow warrior 2 but it runs so slow in G3D even on lowest settings, i think this game is very poorly optimized.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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