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    Hello. Few weeks ago, games like the Witcher 2 or Alice Madness returns I have to play them only G3D because Z-normal and z-adaptative are corrupted to me. Graphics are only multiple color horizontal lines with these two modes. Games like Witcher 3 or Death Stranding are ok instead. What could be happenning? I have a hp reverb G2 with vorpx openXR mode. Thanks in advance!


    Try with/without antialising enabled. In some cases that may affect the Z-Buffer heuristics.

    It’s also possible that Z3D isn’t really authored in the profiles in questions and vorpX tries to figure out a depth buffer, but catches the wrong one. In that case, just stick to G3D.


    Thank you, I try with/without enabled AA without success. It’s very strange, I were playing these two games Z-normal mode in glorious 4k, but now it’s imposible with G3d:( The only change I remember is updating w11 OS to 22h2. I will try to find more solutions. Greetings!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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