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    In Z3D, this option generates a ghost transparent image, a bit like looking at translucent frost on a branch. a lot of artifacts around objects that are not supposed to appear. what makes me think of shaders store in “buffer”. For example, if I look at a 2D map in an interface, I can see over the rest of the image of the 3D world (tree, vehicle ..)

    Is it specific to the Z3D function, no?
    Is there a shadow effect or a particular shader of the game that amplifies this problem, that we might be able to disable (by Nvidia control panel)?

    I can’t screenshoot in stereo Z3D but it’s a little like this


    This is an old post but it’s still revelant as I have the same problem.

    The problem appeared since I changed my AMD card for a Nvidia one, didn’t have that problem before.

    The problem seems to be link to the sharpness setting as it gets worse when you increase it.


    That is a normal side effect of the Z3D creation process. You probably just never noticed it before or maybe raised the 3D-Strength, which makes these artifacts more obvious.


    You are right, as I always play in Geometry 3D when I have the chance.

    But I played Bioshock Remastered in Z3D on my AMD card and though I had cranked up the sharpnees, there were no such artifacts.

    So I made some more tests and I found that is is depended on the 3D engine.
    Some games will have the problem and some other not.

    I also tried to compare with Bioshock Remastered, but vorpX won’t attach anymore with my new Nvidia graphics card (I already finished the game with the AMD one without problem, I also formated my PC since then).


    The GPU should have no influence on hooking games.

    Try the new alternative hooking method in the config app in case of issues. Caveat: only use this method in case of issues with a specific game. It is not per se better than regular hooking and not meant for general use since it may solve a hooking issue with one game but cause issues with others.

    Apart from that check for anything that might also hook into games. E.g. virus scanner, GPU/CPU utilities, video recording/streaming apps, messengers. Hooking issues in almost all cases are caused by an interfering background grogram.

    BTW: The original Bioshock (in DX9 mode) is better for vorpX than the remaster.


    Sorry for the late answer, it takes ages to donwload and install games with my ultra crappy internet connection.

    I was trying to play Bioshock 2 but it wouldn’t hook.
    As you said that the non remastered version of Bioshock was working better (I figured it would be the same with Bioshock 2), I installed the regular version but though vorpX would work, the game kept crashing (then I found the post were you said you struggled for 2 weeks to make it work without success).
    So I downloaded and installed back the remasterd version and now it works just fine :o

    Also I manage to make work the second game that wouldn’t attach using the altarnate method.

    As usual, thanks again for your help Ralf.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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