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    Two tactical FPS that work well with vorpX. Both have good weapon customization and shooting mechanics, and can be played online. Profiles on the cloud:

    Zero Hour (G3D)

    **intro videos may stutter and play in only 1 eye, but gameplay is fine. Press hotkey to view in Z3D, or press Enter to skip video sequences altogether.

    -use a 16:9 resolution (2560×1440)
    -set FOV to max 90 in game
    -set shadows to Low, 3 spotlight
    -turn off motion blur

    *I’ve set camera hieght to my preference, but if you use a lot of scopes you may want to reset
    *vorpX Shadow Treatment can be toggled if desired
    *try Immersive screen mode for decoupled head rotation
    *tested on HP Reverb with mouse/keyboard

    Ground Branch (G3D)

    -use a 4:3 resolution (1920×1440)
    -set FOV to max 115 in game
    -set Shadows to Medium

    *Post processing optional, you can disable if Ambient Occlusion “black effect” bothers
    *CTE test branch not yet tested
    *tested on HP Reverb with mouse/keyboard

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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