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    When playing Resident Evil Village in full VR, vorpx suggested either getting a mod to widen the FOV or to use the default FOV and compensate with image zoom in the Vorpx settings. It recommended the former, but I actually preferred the latter. I found that it looked as though it had a much higher resolution/ss that way. It gets the most photo-realistic looks I’ve seen in any VR game. It’s a similar concept to variable rate super sampling: get the highest resolution toward the center of vision and not toward the peripheries which you don’t notice much anyway, especially with an ambient background.

    So I’ve been starting to experiment with lowering the in game FOV so that I can raise the image zoom in other games and with a lot of success, but I’ve got two problems:

    1. I could use an equation where I can put in the FOV, resolution, 1:1 vs letterbox, or whatever other variables and it spits out the correct image zoom. If all of these are set right, it feels like a normal full VR game except that I’m looking out into the world through two small square-shaped cutouts.
    2. For whatever reason, the image is not centered. It’s a bit higher than it should be. Any way to center it?

    Thanks for any replies.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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