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    It’s incredibly difficult to get this to work, especially for $40. A coworker told me that it was a great addition for the Vive, but all it does is stay so far zoomed in that I can’t read or do anything. I’ve read the essential help, but that’s a nightmare of a process for each game to get to work. I was simply under the assumption that after this long and the cost it’s more of a one button process instead of a manipulate a bunch of configs and reconfigure my entire desktop to get this tool to work. I’ve imported profiles and still face the same issue of the view being so zoomed in that I get a massive headache. Please let me know what I can do.


    Which game are you trying to play?

    Sounds like you are suffering from FOV set too low. Getting this right is key for a good experience. There are ways to fix this if directvr does not do it for you. More on that later…

    If fov is already maxed, you can zoom the screen out by holding shift and scrolling the mouse wheel. You might get some letter boxing, but that’s better than a dizzy headache.


    Hey Delirifter,

    I’ve tried… Doom, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Space Engineers, and PUBG.

    Each of these games were super zoomed in. I tried a lot of the troubleshooting like manually setting FOV, adjusting settings within the vorpx controls, adjusting resolution, disabling head tracking, etc. Nothing worked.

    One game worked out of all of the games I tried which was Rocket League, but that was because vorpx defaulted to the Virtual Cinema 3d. I could do this for all of the other games, but it slightly defeats the purpose because head tracking and other components are disabled.


    Did you check the “Essential Hints” guide in the vorpX help? It explains the essential basics you have to know, e.g. what options you have if vorpX can’t automatically adjust the FOV for a game. Reading this guide really is essential (hence its name :) ).

    Apart from that I would suggest to try Direct VR games first, which do everything automatically, so you just have to push a button after entering the game. Save the ones that require manual steps for later when you know a bit better how vorpX works.

    BTW: the next vorpX version will have auto FOV for about 40 more games.

    Good games to start are (in no particular order):

    Skyrim (original DX9 version is usually the better choice)
    Fallout 3
    Fallout New Vegas
    Fallout 4
    Portal 2
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Mirror’s Edge
    Bioshock (DX9)
    Bioshock 2 (DX9)
    Bioshock Infinite
    Borderlands 2
    Borderlands Pre-Sequel
    Deus Ex Human Revolutions
    Black Mesa Source
    Half-Life 2
    Half-Life 2 Episode 1
    Half-Life 2 Episode 2
    Aliens Colonial Marines
    Dear Esther (Source engine version)
    The Stanley Parable


    Hey Raif,

    I’ll try the guide again in just a bit. It was just a lot of trial and error and by the 3rd or 4th step for each game and starting it and stopping it that got frustrating.

    As for the list of DirectVR games… can you add those explicitly as Directvr games on your supported games list on the website? I’ll try those too! Thanks so much for the help you two. Looking forward to the new release as well.


    There will be a better official list when the next vorpX version is finally out of the door, promise.

    What I forgot to mention is that there also is a three step ‘quick and dirty’ setup explained in the help. That usually doesn’t provide the best possible result, but it’s a good way to hop into non-Direct VR games as fast as possible. Not perfect, but quite useful for checking things out.


    Hi, I recently get Vorpx and im really disappointed, all is zoomed and i can’t do anything, supr menu options doesn’t work,changing customized resolution, adjust the FOV impossible. I used the free mod of Cyberpunk 2077 and it works good but with unload textures of the main characters. The pay version is zoomed. I also tried Chivalry and ZOOMED! I have a Radeon RX 5700 Xt and ive paid near 40E for nothing.


    How field of view is handled varies from game to game. For about 200 games vorpX handles it automatically, for others you may have to do it manually or use external tools. If even that is not an option, there is a built in workaround (‘ImageZoom’).

    The ‘Essential Hints Guide’ and the ‘1-2-3 Game Setup Guide’ in the vorpX help have more details on the matter.

    You can access the help from the config app, your start menu or the vorpX help icon on your desktop.


    I tried all, I’ve read all, how can work fine the free vorpx vr mod of Cyberpunk2077 and the pay version is zoomed ??? I try to config and ImageZoom workaround just doesn’t work. So absurd, I’m very disappointed. I’d like to get my money back.


    The standalone mod is the better way to play Cyberpunk currently since it has more features compared to the regular vorpX profile.

    The regular Cyberpunk profile isn’t zoomed in either though if you leave everything at default. In that case vorpX adjusts some settings in the game’s config file to set up the FOV. Try a factory reset in config app and then make sure to restart the game when vorpX suggests to do that for adjusting the FOV.

    There isn‘t much reason to do that though, just use the standalone mod. Its features will be added to the next regular vorpX, but currently the standalone mod is the better way to play this game.

    As far as Chivalry is concerned use the „Image Zoom“ option in the vorpX menu to account for the ‚missing‘ FOV if there is no other way. That *always* works, no matter what.

    In general: vorpX pretty much hooks into any game available, it (obviously) can‘t however automatically set up everything for every game available, hence the various methods described in the guides, ranging from automatic handling for about 200 games to the Image Zoom method in case nothing else is possible. The ‚1-2-3 Game Setup Guide’ in the help describes how to do that in three simple steps.

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