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    i got it running once but its not pretty good usable at the moment. For Headtracking i use my TrackIR5.

    I got it enabled by resetting the vorpx arma3 settings to factory default and then start it. In the main menu there is no Stereo mode active but vorpx says its enabled. When i disable and directly re-enable head tracking the Stereo mode starts and its in 3D (with Z-Buffer). Sadly the Edge Peek is not working so you need to know where the buttons are but in general its working so far. Sadly after restarting arma3 the screen remains black (in stereo mode). To get it working again i have to reset the vorpx arma3 profile to factory default and do the first steps again to gain Stereo 3D.

    So if EdgePeek would work and the workaround by resetting the settings is not required anymore its pretty good usable and delivers a great 3D experience.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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