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    (@Admins/Mods: Sorry for the thread necro – I had no way to DM InBetweenNames and since VAC bans take weeks to months or years to apply, the extra time is _helpful_ here)

    : On the off chance you see this – did you ever catch a VAC ban for this? I ask because I accidentally did the same – loaded up a singleplayer session, noticed it said “Warning: This server is VAC secured.” and __totally freaked out__.

    I can’t find much on this topic either, which is probably a good sign. There’s only two “VorpX got me banned” rants – both people were _extremely suspicious_: One was the one you found. The other person had server bans on their account.

    I did find at least one post from someone claiming nothing happened to them. I’m hoping you can come back and say whether or not anything happened to your account in the years hence – it would be greatly reassuring as to what to expect from my own account in the weeks or months to come. It would also be supremely helpful if VorpX devs could chime in if they ever submitted VorpX to Valve for “approval” (and what, if anything, came of it).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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