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    My problem with Rocket League is the white circle around the ball (appears when far from the ball): it’s not stereo and stays at screen depth, which heavily limits fov/scale/depth tweaking. I believe this circle is a shader thing because when enabling/disabling the High Quality Shaders option, it disappears (until I leave the menu then it’s visible again).

    So anyone able to provide a VorpX profile or external program that hides this circle will be the recipient of 30€/$30 and my eternal gratitude.
    Maybe this isn’t possible until the improved shader authoring method is available? No idea.
    If you think you might be able to do it and you’re a trusted community member, but you don’t own the game, I can share my secondary Steam account’s library with you temporarily, or buy you a (grey vendor) key of the game if you actually want to keep it.

    hello, i uploaded in the cloud a profile with the white circle removed, for free oviously :) tell me if it work

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)