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    I have 237.3 hours in Skyrim VR and love it – especially wielding a bow. It feels like firing a real bow I once owned felt. What I don’t like about Skyrim VR is melee. SE has such cool animations for the player that, of course, the VR version doesn’t have. I shudder to think what I look like flailing around frantically with my sword.

    So finally I’ve purchased Vorpx to play SE in VR – after adding the coolest combat and idling / walking / running animations. If I can’t get it to look good I’ll play it in Cinema mode – though more likely in Virtual Desktop. In VD I can adjust the cinema screen to fill my field of vision. Maybe I can do that in Vorpx but I only got the program a few hours ago.

    Ralf’s right though. People should be free to express their love for a particular way of playing a game without a flame war erupting.

    That’s my two septims worth.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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