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    Hi Ralf,

    Really excited DK2 support is available in Alpha – fascinating to see how the software progresses.

    I hope these aren’t stupid questions – if they are still bugs, am happy to just see how they get ironed out over coming weeks.

    1) When using either keyboard / mouse or an xbox controller with the DK2 and Skyrim, the controls behave quite strangely. Half the time they will carry out their emulated behaviors, and half the time they will bump me on to my windows desktop. I have refrained from rebinding, because I’m anticipating that these might just be alpha teething problems, and if so I guess I’m happy to just wait until these are resolved.

    2) When I try to disable the vorpx gamepad controls in the del menu, and give it back to skyrim to control all headtracking shuts down.

    Any thoughts?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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