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    just wanted to know, whether there is ANY other/new way to play Amnesia TDD with Radeon GPU (RX6700XT with HP Reverb G2), since it’s been a few years.
    The (basically) immersive screen variant is nice, but is there a fix for the “eye switching” and stutter to play it in Geometry 3D, yet?
    I basically got the same problem as quoted below, but sometimes one eye goes just dark and another shows (part of) the image.

    (anyway, Happy New Year everyone!)

    I cannot play Amnesia Dark Descent at all. Both eyes get flashing flickering of the game and the frame rates is so low it would be less than 1 frame per second. Im running win 10 64 bit. AMD fx-8350 Black edition and an R9 390x video card. Quake 2 does the exact same thing. I have tried many settings to no avail. Games like Skyrim and fallout 4 run just fine. It seems to be a possible issue with Open GL not really sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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