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    Even with the 1440p custom resolution added in my AMD settings, when I try to set that as my resolution in the VorpX menu, it says it isn’t supported on my system.

    I entered a different room and ran the memory scan and it worked. However, the game still looks like a nightmare. All of the edges are jagged and no one has any facial detail if they are more than a few feet away.

    Is there anywhere I can find information about customizing the controls? I’m trying to play with a 360 pad but I can’t seem to turn off the VorpX controls, so doing something like clicking the right stick to aim also puts me in cinema mode.

    According to the youtube guide, I need to turn off any kind of anti-aliasing. Is that correct?

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    I edited my response and now it’s not appearing. Here is a copy in case you can’t see it either:

    I did finally get custom resolutions to work.

    My system specs:
    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core 3700mhz
    MB: X470 Gaming Pro Carbon
    16gb ram
    RX 470 graphics card
    Odyssey+ WMR Headset

    Issues I’m having:

    1) Blurriness. I can’t read any of the text that appears when I look at the controllers, regardless of “sweet spot” or distance. I can read text fine in Steam Home and in most games, but the control text is illegible.

    2) Games become nightmares in VorpX. Both Skyrim and Battlefront 2 (2017) go insane in VorpX with graphical glitches and issues. In Deus Ex, the left lens and right lens don’t display the same things, so it’s like looking at a magic eye puzzle. Shadows, for instance, only appear in the left lens. Even after turning off shadows, enough random textures and effects appear in only one lens that the game is unplayable. Skyrim seemed to have a similar issue, though it was the first game I tried so I didn’t know to check the lens issue. Everything had a copy of itself a few pixels off, like a bad 3d movie, from the mountains and trees to the characters.

    3) When I run the scan for headtracking, it usually breaks the game, forcing either a full system reboot or a forced closing of the game. Twice it has altered the resolution of my computer until I had to reboot. In Deus Ex, headtracking will be working ok until I run the scan, and then I can no longer look around the world; the screen moves with the headset. I can only look around with the controllers at that point. When I run the scan, I am not in any menues, I am not near any walls, and I am in full control of my character.

    4) Beyond the graphical issues mentioned above, the games just look very pixelated and low-quality. I’ve got Supersampling turned up in Steam as high as my system can handle. I played a bit of Arizona Sunshine and it looked great. But every game I’ve tried in VorpX has just looked awful. I can’t make out any facial details if the character is more than a few feet away. Everything is harsh and jagged.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)