vorpX 0.9 Announcement


Important update: We had to push back the release of vorpX 0.9 a little bit to mid October. For details please check this forum post. Thanks for your patience.

Original post:

vorpX 0.9 will be made available later this month. Here’s a little overview on what you can expect this time:

Short update since there were a few questions in this regard: this version (and the later 1.0) are of course included if you buy vorpX now.

Largely reworked DX11 Geometry 3D renderer: Better compatibility with more game engines and games. Expect a few more DX11 G3D titles in this release.

Direct Driver Mode with the latest Oculus runtime 0.7: vorpX 0.9 will support the latest Oculus runtime 0.7 with Direct Driver Mode. No more extended mode configuration hassles.

Support for arbitrary resolutions: This allows you to launch games at any resolution you want – you are not bound to resolutions that are supported by the headset anymore. Can be used to enhance image quality and, more importantly, in many cases can mitigate FOV issues by choosing 4:3/5:4 resolutions. Works with every game, even unsupported ones.

Internal Resolution Scaling: Similar to the above feature, vorpX 0.9 let’s you scale the internal resolution of some games like native apps do. Those mostly use higher resolutions internally to make up for the lens distortion. This will be DX9 only and restricted to a handful of games for now. More to come.

Super smooth Virtual Cinema Mode: Virtual Cinema Mode and EdgePeek are now fully decoupled from the game rendering for the best possible performance and next to unnoticable latency.

HUD-Scaling now also available in Z-Buffer 3D: For games that have HUD scaling in Geometry 3D, you will now be able to also use it if you switch to Z3D, which wasn’t possible before.

Better gamepad handling: The vorpX gamepad emulation has been largely rewritten and now supports hot plugging, multiple controllers, selective override of specific axes and more configuration options.

Apart from the above also expect some more game profiles, a lot of smaller enhancements and, of course, some unavoidable bugfixes. Stay tuned.

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